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Helps you get what you've always wanted! ~Worldwide Shipping~
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【News】Potepote Kobuta-chan is now in DokiDoki Market!



Hello everyone! How have you been?

DokiDoki Staffs are doing well as usual! However, the weather getting colder every day ❄️ so it's so hard for us to get up from bed.... 😫💤

but even it is cold, we don't feel lonely!

You know why? it's because our family are getting bigger✨✨✨

From today, The most adorable Japanese little pig "Potepote Kobuta-chan" will join DokiDoki Market 💕🐷


Look at him/her! So cute isn't it💓
Kobuta-chan is a very small, hand-held size pig, softly and chewy like Daifuku.

Kobuta-chan said that he/she likes to eats, sleeps, plays whenever he/she wants.
🍏 🍎 🍐 🍊 🍋 🍌 🍉 🍇 🍓

Such a freely living pig! I'm so jealous of him/her🥺

However, even though he is still a little pig, he always up to challenges new things!

Not only Kobuta-chan is cute but it is such a brave pig!

If you want to know more about Kobuta-chan, you can follow him/her from here!

Instagram :

Twitter :

Youtube :


Also, if you want Kobuta-chan's product, you can buy it from here at DokiDoki-Market!!!!! 🧚‍♀️

We hope that you will love and support our new family members too! 💃 🕺

That's all for today~

Hope you have a good day and please stay safe 😷

See you next time! 🤗❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 🤍 🤎

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